Review of Darrell Scott’s Ten Songs of Bullington

‘Ten Songs of Ben Bullington’ is a folk album that depicts a sincere man, his instruments, and the songs and stories of a departed friend. The man is Kentucky-born multi-instrumentalist, Darrell Scott, who is famed for his country records and poetic charm.

Ten Songs of Ben Bullington is a somber compilation of songs that were written by the late Ben Bullington, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer aged only 58 in November 2013.

Ben Bullington, an amateur songwriter and a small town doctor, and Darrel Scott, a songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist met in 2011, not as musicians, but, unfortunately, as recently divorced fathers camping with their progeny in Yellowstone National Park. They struck off and became good friends. Their friendship strengthened in the two years. But all this time Ben Bullington was suffering from cancer.

In 2012, Ben Bullington’s prognosis seemed grim. He then decided to share his songs with Darrel Scott. Darrel Scott, a seasoned Nashville session man who had a number of hits and co-writes to his name, was struck with the quality, honesty, and warm-heartedness of his friend’s well-structured folk songs.

In 2013 an idea sprouted in his mind: he could record a cover album of his friend’s material. Therefore, during Ben Bullington’s final months, Darrell rearranged several songs, recorded demos on his iPhone, and sent them to his friend, Bullington.

Many people do not know Bullington, but after listening to Darrel Scott’s rendition of Bullington’s ten songs, listeners will no doubt love the simplicity and honesty of this songwriter’s work. Ten Songs by Ben Bullington opens with the song ‘The One I’m Still Thinking About’ being played on Bullington’s own guitar. Bullington writes this song for a lover that he promises will remain in his mind until his last day.

In the song ‘Born in ’55’, Darrell Scott puts aside his guitar and enthralls just with his piano percussion that perfectly captures the melancholic words mourning the death of Martin Luther King and the Kennedy brothers.

The song ‘Country Music I’m Talking to You’, in contrast, is an acerbic rendition recorded in Texas that questions country music for not supporting Dixie Chicks after airing their concerns on the war in Iraq. The confrontational and rugged tone of the song coupled with the coarse guitar accompaniment encapsulates the disillusionment that Bullington and many people around the world felt about the same.

The final track named ‘I’ve Got to Leave You Now’ was sent to Bullington in his last three months by Darrel Scott who had recorded it in his iPhone. The song distils a sense of reassurance and calmness as Bullington’s lyrics, which are fatherly admonitions to his three sons, asks each of them to live their lives with a purpose. It is surprising that Bullington had recorded the track on his final album, the fifth one, long before he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, to which he would later succumb. Another song that eerily forecasts his demise is the song ‘The Last Adios’. Scott flawlessly captures the essence and melancholy of all Ben Bullington’s songs. The album leaves you mourning a man you’ve just been introduced to. It is definitely one of the best folk song compilations.

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Tips on Learning to Play

We’ve talked a bit about choosing a guitar and booking a show with your band, but what if you’re just looking to get into playing music for the first time? No shame in that! Whether you dream of going onstage, or just want to jam in your living room, playing a musical instrument is many people’s dream, and its one skill that you can add to your list of skills. With skills on how to play a musical instrument, you can be able to impress your family and friends and if you love music or singing, learning several instruments can be of great advantage on your side.


When it comes to learning musical instruments, it is good to start with those instruments that are easy to learn. However, some key factors to learning any form of musical instrument are;

· Set your own goals

· Relax which means you should avoid tension

· Practice-playing it until it sounds right


Some of the instruments to learn and how to learn to play them fast and easy;

1. Guitar

Learning to play guitar is a common goal to many music lovers, and most especially the younger generation or those who love to accompany their own song on stage with a guitar. This instrument is also a great tool in helping you compose and make a song. To speed up your guitar playing skills, here are some tips to keep in mind:


· Train on how to read tablatures-this is the best way to be able to play your favorite songs

· Make good use of metronome- they help in timing as timing is crucial in helping you to strum the guitar in the right rhythm.

· Don’t be in hurry-start learning slowly so that you can correctly learn the techniques. You can learn the correct tempo later after you have already mastered the basics. Regardless of how easy or hard it is, learning slowly is the key to learning any form of musical instrument.


2. Piano

The piano is a nice instrument to learn. It’s not only easy on the hand but also easy to learn. Coordination is very crucial when playing this instrument and you can also take notes as this skill can help you a lot in the future. Below are some tips on how you can learn to play piano:


· One thing at a time-you cannot become a Mozart in a day and so, start one hand at a time. Practice the right hand first and then the left one as you proceed with training your feet.

· Stretch your shoulders, arms, hands and fingers-these organs will not only make you flexible but can help you get the right position while playing a piano.

· Practice or parts-most people skip the hard parts of the music but this is not helpful. Once you master the entire concept, you will see that the whole music is easy.


3. Drums

Drums is one great and fairly instrument to learn, especially if you wish to lay in bands or you want to play rock and roll as these are the scenes where you can see people drumming away the music. Here are tips to help you learn how to play drums:


· Rhythm-you need to have great rhythm and also be able to listen to a musical rhythm

· Drum notations and signatures-if you learn to read drum signatures and notations, the learning process will be much easier

· Make good use of metronome-like any other instrument; using metronome can help you a lot when it comes to timing.


Apart from these 3 musical instruments, you can also learn violin, Harmonica, flute, and many other instruments that you wish to learn to play. However, keep in mind that when learning to play musical instrument, commitment and patience are also the key factors. Once you master the art you will be a guru in playing instruments. All the best!

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How to Book a Show (Must-Read if your band is new to the scene)

Maybe you have created a new band which has not played out yet, but you feel you are ready to showcase what you have. Maybe you have had a couple of songs out there, but you have not secured yourself a show worth a mention. All you do are open mics and nothing more. If this is you right now, this could be the right place you have landed yourself into. Here, we will discuss how to book a show if your band is new. What is it that people do to have longer shows and not just open mics which last for minutes? Here is how you go about in getting your new band the first show:

Find the right venue

The first thing to do is to research on where exactly you want to host your show. There are so many variables here, with some venues dealing with a particular genre, others dealing with a particular demographic group such as university students, and others have an age restriction of the people to attend the show.

The music you do should match up the venue you choose. You will not book a venue that has age restrictions if your music targets the teens. Information to guide you in choosing a venue that matches up your needs can be obtained from the venue’s website.

For your first show, and even other subsequent shows, it is advisable that you get as a venue slightly smaller than what you need. Why? You want it fully packed. You can’t go for a venue that accommodates 2000 people when you are expecting 300 people to attend. No promoter wants to deal with that as they would rather promote a band that packs up venue of 1000 with 1050 people than the one that books a venue for 3000 and gets only 1050 people.


Networking in music business is a crucial element in your growth. The connections you have with other bands can go miles ahead to help you in booking your show as a new band. Do you know any bands or musicians in your area? Where do they host their shows? Do their venues match up your fan base? If yes, how about requesting them for a collaboration? Also, go for open mics in such places so that you make yourself known. This way, considering booking your show in those venues can be more realistic than when you are totally new there.

Contact the venue

Once you have selected the venue, contact them in advance, say two months before the show date. The further in advance you book, the better the chance that the date will be available.

If you contact them through mail, make it short to the point and let the subject line be clear on what you want. Introduce yourself briefly and reference to any meeting you may have had with the promoter or venue owner. It even gets better when you link a live recording video of your band. Try and convince them that you can draw as big crowd as possible and let this be evident from the video you link and your following on social media.

Promote your show

Local venues shows will require you to do most of the promotion. Tell your promoter or venue owner how you’re going to promote the show, perhaps on social media platforms and email listing. You can also promote through a sponsor. With the right sponsor, you can reach a greater audience that matches your psychographics and demographics fan base.

Follow up and remain professional

Booking avenue and a date doesn’t complete the process. Look for ways you can continue to connect with the local audience. Go to such venues and play your music as often as possible. If possible, grab any opportunity you can and introduce yourself to the promoter or venue owner in person and keep in touch

Remember to remain professional in any performances you make in those venues. Be time conscious. Deal with any light and sound technicians with respect and follow the venue rules as required. Always be prepared and perform well-rehearsed songs. Treat this like a chance to prove to your promoter or venue owner that you deserve to host that show there.

With the above tips, you can book your new band a show. Above all, ensure that you are mature enough for the show. That is the first important thing you should consider before even thinking of a show. All the best in booking your first show and may you slay in whatever you do on stage.



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Best Guitars For Shows and Practicing

If you are looking to learn guitar, then you also need a guitar that is not only good but one that will see you through this learning phase. This guitar should also be good enough that you can as well play it in shows. However, finding such a guitar can be quite difficult, and it is in this light that you can see the below guitars and choose one that best suits you. All these guitars are not only good for practicing but playing shows as well. Book the tour and the party bus, and get ready to rock, with these amazing guitar brands.


This guitar brand is one of the best brands that there is, and their guitars are always up to point if you are looking for authenticity as well as longevity when it comes to playing. A Les Paul Gibson is one of the best guitars that you can do your learning with as the wood is heavy which makes the tone rich as well as full. The guitars are incredible, and they last for a very long time and all time great rock artists and bands have been known to use them.


This is another guitar brand that you should totally go for as it also has some of the best guitars that you can hope to find anywhere in the market. A fender is one of those guitars that you can rely on for practice or go on stage. If you look up a lot of the greatest guitarists of all time, have used and owned a Fender every so often in their shows. This is a guitar that any beginner should acquaint himself with.


An Ibanez has been known for their quality as well as the price that is considerably affordable than most guitar brands. It is a cost friendly guitar and if you want to start out lessons but you are working on a budget then this is the guitar for you. For anyone that is thinking of hard rock and metal, then this is one of the best guitar brands out there for you.

Paul Reed Smith

A lot of the great guitarists in existence have always switched to this guitar after trying it and you will too once you do. It is an incredible piece of art that is made with precision and the best quality that you can hope to find. So, it doesn’t matter if you are taking lessons or playing on stage, this is the guitar that you need. With incredible sound and durability that is unmatched, this is a top guitar. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner, this is the guitar that you need.


Not one of the best that there is but it is an incredible guitar for anyone looking to joining this world of guitar music. It is very affordable and the fact that it lasts for a long while is why so many musicians like it. You will too once you get the feel of it. Anyone that is starting out practicing how to play or anyone that is already playing shows should give this one a try. is our sponsor for today – be sure to show them some love!

Bat Out of Hell ll: Back into Hell

It is difficult to pick the best Meat loaf album. However, it is hard to argue that Bat Out of Hell ll: Back into Hell deserves the crown. This album was released by Meat Loaf after an eight-year absence. The 75 minute album is characterized by roaring Harleys, screeching vocals and teen angst.

I’d Do Anything For Love(But I Won’t Do That) being the lead track off the album was an enormous song. The song allayed fears that album might not match the original album. I could not claim that it belonged to any genre apart from rock. It has a sense of drama , flamboyance and showmanship, and it is bloody minded in approach. This approach makes every sentiment expressed as anything else in the rock world.

Steinman and Meat loaf had their genius touch on the album. All the records are rip-roaring rock ride back into the furnace of hell. Meat sings every word as if it his last. The passion he has can be felt through every track. Meat grabs hold of this album tracks like life boats meant to save him

For Steinman, he relishes the opportunity to work with an ‘angry’ Meat Loaf once again. Listening to the album, it is clear that they are the perfect collaborators. His writing throws everybody out on the streets. They put in their everything.

In terms of consistency compared to the predecessor. The aspect of consistency is not seen in this album.

It is not easy to be bored listening to this masterpiece. It is a real standout. A song such as Objects in the Rear view Mirror May Appear Closer than They, it is exhausting in the most possible way imagined. The melodrama it exhibits beats all the melodramas.

Some songs start out as jazz music. Then boom! Then enter the metal glam sound and the guitars will make one thing of Dokken. Talk of Back to Hell Whoa. This is a definitely a meat loaf over produced song dramatically. We are accustomed to that. Although it is nothing like the original, Bat 2 has evolved into a more unique and defined version of the original Wagnerian rock that has only been made amazing in Bat2. Long song titles, that’s what am talking about.

Nothing Outside of the two songs that take 22 minutes of running is unique in a way that Bat Out of Hell or Paradise by the Dashboard Light were, but they are a lot of fun to listen to. That sums it all. It is unexpected extension to what was previously one-off, and those are always appreciated.

The album ends with a choir-influenced ballad sung beautifully by Meat Loaf. This is an excellent ending to one of his masterpiece. Critics have it that Bat Out of Hell ll: Back into Hell is par below the original album. For me it is my favorite rock album.

With the current trends in the music industry we can understand why people are more into rock as opposed to other forms of music. People are now appreciating why a single album can have so much impact on the society Music is something felt and not just listened to.



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