Bat Out of Hell ll: Back into Hell

It is difficult to pick the best Meat loaf album. However, it is hard to argue that Bat Out of Hell ll: Back into Hell deserves the crown. This album was released by Meat Loaf after an eight-year absence. The 75 minute album is characterized by roaring Harleys, screeching vocals and teen angst.

I’d Do Anything For Love(But I Won’t Do That) being the lead track off the album was an enormous song. The song allayed fears that album might not match the original album. I could not claim that it belonged to any genre apart from rock. It has a sense of drama , flamboyance and showmanship, and it is bloody minded in approach. This approach makes every sentiment expressed as anything else in the rock world.

Steinman and Meat loaf had their genius touch on the album. All the records are rip-roaring rock ride back into the furnace of hell. Meat sings every word as if it his last. The passion he has can be felt through every track. Meat grabs hold of this album tracks like life boats meant to save him

For Steinman, he relishes the opportunity to work with an ‘angry’ Meat Loaf once again. Listening to the album, it is clear that they are the perfect collaborators. His writing throws everybody out on the streets. They put in their everything.

In terms of consistency compared to the predecessor. The aspect of consistency is not seen in this album.

It is not easy to be bored listening to this masterpiece. It is a real standout. A song such as Objects in the Rear view Mirror May Appear Closer than They, it is exhausting in the most possible way imagined. The melodrama it exhibits beats all the melodramas.

Some songs start out as jazz music. Then boom! Then enter the metal glam sound and the guitars will make one thing of Dokken. Talk of Back to Hell Whoa. This is a definitely a meat loaf over produced song dramatically. We are accustomed to that. Although it is nothing like the original, Bat 2 has evolved into a more unique and defined version of the original Wagnerian rock that has only been made amazing in Bat2. Long song titles, that’s what am talking about.

Nothing Outside of the two songs that take 22 minutes of running is unique in a way that Bat Out of Hell or Paradise by the Dashboard Light were, but they are a lot of fun to listen to. That sums it all. It is unexpected extension to what was previously one-off, and those are always appreciated.

The album ends with a choir-influenced ballad sung beautifully by Meat Loaf. This is an excellent ending to one of his masterpiece. Critics have it that Bat Out of Hell ll: Back into Hell is par below the original album. For me it is my favorite rock album.

With the current trends in the music industry we can understand why people are more into rock as opposed to other forms of music. People are now appreciating why a single album can have so much impact on the society Music is something felt and not just listened to.



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