Best Guitars For Shows and Practicing

If you are looking to learn guitar, then you also need a guitar that is not only good but one that will see you through this learning phase. This guitar should also be good enough that you can as well play it in shows. However, finding such a guitar can be quite difficult, and it is in this light that you can see the below guitars and choose one that best suits you. All these guitars are not only good for practicing but playing shows as well. Book the tour and the party bus, and get ready to rock, with these amazing guitar brands.


This guitar brand is one of the best brands that there is, and their guitars are always up to point if you are looking for authenticity as well as longevity when it comes to playing. A Les Paul Gibson is one of the best guitars that you can do your learning with as the wood is heavy which makes the tone rich as well as full. The guitars are incredible, and they last for a very long time and all time great rock artists and bands have been known to use them.


This is another guitar brand that you should totally go for as it also has some of the best guitars that you can hope to find anywhere in the market. A fender is one of those guitars that you can rely on for practice or go on stage. If you look up a lot of the greatest guitarists of all time, have used and owned a Fender every so often in their shows. This is a guitar that any beginner should acquaint himself with.


An Ibanez has been known for their quality as well as the price that is considerably affordable than most guitar brands. It is a cost friendly guitar and if you want to start out lessons but you are working on a budget then this is the guitar for you. For anyone that is thinking of hard rock and metal, then this is one of the best guitar brands out there for you.

Paul Reed Smith

A lot of the great guitarists in existence have always switched to this guitar after trying it and you will too once you do. It is an incredible piece of art that is made with precision and the best quality that you can hope to find. So, it doesn’t matter if you are taking lessons or playing on stage, this is the guitar that you need. With incredible sound and durability that is unmatched, this is a top guitar. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner, this is the guitar that you need.


Not one of the best that there is but it is an incredible guitar for anyone looking to joining this world of guitar music. It is very affordable and the fact that it lasts for a long while is why so many musicians like it. You will too once you get the feel of it. Anyone that is starting out practicing how to play or anyone that is already playing shows should give this one a try.