Tips on Learning to Play

We’ve talked a bit about choosing a guitar and booking a show with your band, but what if you’re just looking to get into playing music for the first time? No shame in that! Whether you dream of going onstage, or just want to jam in your living room, playing a musical instrument is many people’s dream, and its one skill that you can add to your list of skills. With skills on how to play a musical instrument, you can be able to impress your family and friends and if you love music or singing, learning several instruments can be of great advantage on your side.


When it comes to learning musical instruments, it is good to start with those instruments that are easy to learn. However, some key factors to learning any form of musical instrument are;

· Set your own goals

· Relax which means you should avoid tension

· Practice-playing it until it sounds right


Some of the instruments to learn and how to learn to play them fast and easy;

1. Guitar

Learning to play guitar is a common goal to many music lovers, and most especially the younger generation or those who love to accompany their own song on stage with a guitar. This instrument is also a great tool in helping you compose and make a song. To speed up your guitar playing skills, here are some tips to keep in mind:


· Train on how to read tablatures-this is the best way to be able to play your favorite songs

· Make good use of metronome- they help in timing as timing is crucial in helping you to strum the guitar in the right rhythm.

· Don’t be in hurry-start learning slowly so that you can correctly learn the techniques. You can learn the correct tempo later after you have already mastered the basics. Regardless of how easy or hard it is, learning slowly is the key to learning any form of musical instrument.


2. Piano

The piano is a nice instrument to learn. It’s not only easy on the hand but also easy to learn. Coordination is very crucial when playing this instrument and you can also take notes as this skill can help you a lot in the future. Below are some tips on how you can learn to play piano:


· One thing at a time-you cannot become a Mozart in a day and so, start one hand at a time. Practice the right hand first and then the left one as you proceed with training your feet.

· Stretch your shoulders, arms, hands and fingers-these organs will not only make you flexible but can help you get the right position while playing a piano.

· Practice or parts-most people skip the hard parts of the music but this is not helpful. Once you master the entire concept, you will see that the whole music is easy.


3. Drums

Drums is one great and fairly instrument to learn, especially if you wish to lay in bands or you want to play rock and roll as these are the scenes where you can see people drumming away the music. Here are tips to help you learn how to play drums:


· Rhythm-you need to have great rhythm and also be able to listen to a musical rhythm

· Drum notations and signatures-if you learn to read drum signatures and notations, the learning process will be much easier

· Make good use of metronome-like any other instrument; using metronome can help you a lot when it comes to timing.


Apart from these 3 musical instruments, you can also learn violin, Harmonica, flute, and many other instruments that you wish to learn to play. However, keep in mind that when learning to play musical instrument, commitment and patience are also the key factors. Once you master the art you will be a guru in playing instruments. All the best!

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